Basketball 2017-2018 info

  1. To any volunteer coaches

Please go to the following sites and get your clearances completed and to me.  You cannot coach or assist without them.  If you have current clearances from coaching other sports, please make me a copy or scan to me.

PA criminal background

Child abuse clearance

  1. Any travel player
    1. If you make the middle school, you are allowed to play with PYC Travel team.
    2. Freshmen- if you do not register and do not make the school team, you will be out of luck if you want to play travel.  So at least get your registration form in and pay later if you do not make school team.  Travel is 3rd grade -9th grade for boys and 5th grade-8th grade for girls
  2. Registration is First come First served.  If you wait too long and teams are filled, you are out of luck.
  3. K-2- begins 12/2 Saturday for boys and girls

Thank You


Mike Lahanas


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